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50 Elevated Ways to Commemorate 420 in 2022

Happy 420 Day! 4/20 is days away, and we are stoked to celebrate our favorite herb with you! Every year, 420 celebrations take place around the world to commemorate our love for the world’s most controversial plant. Affectionately referred to in the past as the stoner new year, 420 has come a long way from its roots. Legend has it 420 originated as a secret code between a group of California teens to meet after school and get high. Wonder if those teens ever imagined it would be legal and available on numerous streets corners (in legalized states) across the country. Not only is it a great time to be a cannabis consumer, but it’s also a major money-making day (and week and month) for cannabis brands, dispensaries and ancillary brands. Whether you’re honoring the day on your own in this weird somewhat-out-of-the-woods pandemic world, or you’re partying boldly with friends indoors or out, we got your back with a list of creative ways to celebrate 420 this year. Stop stressing about what to do for 420, and start the 420 celebrations now!

  1. First and foremost, take advantage of ALL the Happy 420 Day cannabis deals! Dispensaries and cannabis brands know the current-day stoner new year inspires consumers to stock up on products and try new things. Brands offer amazing discounts on their products to optimize your 420 celebrations. Take advantage of the sales and deals while you can! There’s nothing like a stockpile of amazing products at a fraction of the cost. Store it wisely (and save 15% this month)!
  2. Take some herb on a hike with friends — just be aware of smoking rules and fire safety.
  3. Not in a rural area? Hit the local mid-city parks or walk the neighborhood.
  4. Light up your weekend with camping and some backwoods blunts.
  5. Take a road trip to a legal adult-use state to grab some goods and stay in a 420-friendly Airbnb or Hibnb for a weekend of fun and relaxation.
  6. Plan an epic trip to Jamaica to a cannabis wellness resort like Coral Cove Wellness.
  7. Throw a cannabis-infused or CBD-infused dinner party.
  8. Make a 420 Picnic with your friends or your partner(s) with some infused snacks.
  9. Throw a 420 Backyard BBQ — and bring the cannabis-infused drinks (like Good Feels Seltzers, CANN Hi Boys, Olala Infused Sodas, Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops and more).
  10. Make your own cannabis or CBD-infused beverages with a Good Feels Beverage Enhancer or CBD tincture from Hapsy.
  11. Introduce cannabis or CBD to a parent or relative.
  12. Listen to a cannabis podcast with a friend who is curious about cannabis.
  13. Help a friend who has been curious about cannabis by curating a night in to experiment safely for a great first experience.
  14. Get creative! Puff puff paint or indulge in another creative activity.
  15. Did we mention all the happy 420 day sales?! Shop online with all your favorite brands.
  16. In a legal cannabis delivery state? Plan ahead, order delivery and reflect on the fact you just got cannabis delivered to. your. door. What a wonderful world!
  17. Head to the dispensaries with friends to grab all the best in-store deals. One more time for the people in the cheap seats. There are happy 420 day sales happening everywhere.
  18. Wake and bake with a cereal “bowl” — you know, the ones that have an attached bowl and carb hole.
  19. Buy cannabis merch from your favorite designers or brands.
  20. Take a cannabis class online or if you’re really serious about cannabis, consider a Ganjier certification.
  21. Attend a cannabis event — consumption and non-consumption 420 celebration events are thrown all over our great states.
  22. Write a letter to your representatives about the importance of legalizing cannabis and how it affects your life.
  23. Donate your time or money to a cannabis organization like the Last Prisoner Project.
  24. Try some infused lube or CBD/THC intimacy products with whoever you get down with.
  25. Grab some infused topicals and a CBD bath bomb for a massage and spa night.
  26. Stock up on some Piece Water to keep your bongs squeaky clean.
  27. Grab the ganja, some snacks and get cozy for a cult classic movie night with some of our favorite cannabis movies — Dazed and Confused, Pineapple Express, Your Highness, Half Baked, Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke, Super Troopers, Jay and Silent Bob, The Big Lebowski, Dude Where’s My Car and more. Share your favorites in the comments below.
  28. Celebrate 420 by setting up your own cannabis bar cart. Who says bar carts have to be for alcohol only?
  29. Make a stoner playlist or check out this one. Channel your youth and hotbox.
  30. FORT NIGHT! Or Fortnite. Or BOTH! On Fort-wenty night.
  31. Roll out the joints, then roll out the board games for some ROFL moments. Ahhh yes, youthful camaraderie and whistle laughs.
  32. Pull out the musical instruments to have a vibey music sesh — solo or with friends, with or without an audience.
  33. Find a peacefully serene place to consume in your favorite way and then meditate.
  34. Toke up and head to the farmer’s market to support local farmers and artisans.
  35. Not in a legal state? Grab some CBD products to try out at home.
  36. Do you have your own cannabis brand? Maybe it’s the right time to take things up a notch with a CannaSite overhaul. Now, that’s a good hi-dea.
  37. Pull out The Skin Deep – the { } and project deck of cards to thoughtfully consume together and then heal some wounds.
  38. Find a safe group of people — your chosen family — to smoke and talk about the hard things.
  39. Call your grandma or aunt or another elder and ask them about their cannabis experiences.
  40. Buy a book about cannabis. There are books on how to make Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics, being a Weed Mom, and the many strains of cannabis in GREEN – A Field Guide to Marijuana.
  41. Learn to roll your own joints. It’s never too late.
  42. Learn to make your own cannabis butter and baked goods.
  43. Learn to make cannabis tea.
  44. Learn how to grow your own cannabis.
  45. Join your local NORML chapter.
  46. Apply for a job in the cannabis industry.
  47. Leave a review for a cannabis brand you love online. Positive reviews are the lifeblood of small businesses, including ours 💚
  48. Interact with your favorite cannabis brands on social media. It’s really tough for brands to be seen and grow. Doing your part to help means a lot to them!
  49. Volunteer with a worthy cause, walk an elderly neighbor’s pet or grab them some grub.
  50. Adorn your body with beautiful cannabis-themed jewelry or accessories.

Your 420 celebrations can be as intricate or simple as you wish. Either way, we hope you have a happy 420 day! To many more!

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