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Keepin’ Your Website as Fresh as the Buds You Smoke

Do you have a website and wanna talk about it?! We know your time is as precious as your favorite strains, so let’s get straight to business in one cannabis-infused hour. If you are looking for a winning strategy, maintenance and training, we’re here to help you grow your bizz!

Book A Call


High-Quality Design Critique + Strategy Sesh

If your site design doesn’t give you a buzz when you look at it, you’re doing it wrong. Our High-Quality Design Critique + Strategy Sesh is a one-hour recorded Zoom call with our Creative Director and Senior Web Developer. We’ll review your website before the call and help you cultivate a strategy that will help you clear the smoke and reach new heights. We’ll discuss your website’s goals, navigation, home page content, functionality and more.


Dope Website Maintenance

If you need some technical help with your WordPress or Squarespace website, we’ve got your back! Book a one-hour website maintenance session with our Senior Web Developer, and let’s get started. We’ll help you with tasks like connecting forms and email marketing platforms (the digital equivalent of passing the pipe), software updates to keep your site airtight, website automations, WooCommerce integration and even connecting merchant accounts. The Zoom call will be recorded for future reference.


Grow Your Skills

Looking to cultivate your web skills in the world of WordPress or Squarespace? Join a member of our team for a one-hour website training session, where we’ll guide you through the basics of creating a website that’s as smooth as your favorite strain. We’ll plant the seeds and teach you how to create pages, update your copy, enhance your images, add products, promote events and more. The best part? The Zoom call will be recorded so you can revisit our sesh whenever you need a refresher.