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DIY Cannabis Website Templates

You got this. But you get support too.

CannaSite WordPress Templates are custom-designed by yours truly, easy to use and look legit. These are not the bunk WordPress themes of days past. We’re talking designer website templates made and installed by yours truly with loads of features that are super easy to customize with your branding and content.

Go ahead…snoop around.

Launch a designer cannabis website on your timeline

with our DIY Cannabis Website Templates

Ask yourself these key questions when considering a DIY website template!

Are you launching a new business?

If you’re all in on a new business venture, taking your side hustle to the next level or even testing a concept, you need a website. We have done all the homework, tested the functions, gathered all the resources and developed an easy-to-follow plan to launch your website efficiently and on your time.

Are you somewhat tech-savvy?

You don’t have to be a developer or graphic designer to customize your site, but being tech-savvy helps. If customizing the colors, adding your copy and swapping out images in a drag-and-drop website builder sounds fun, then you my friend are in the right place! We’ll handle the really technical stuff for you!

Are you working with a limited budget?

If you’re looking for more than a free template or a big upgrade on a dime, DIY website templates make total sense. We pre-designed modern WordPress templates for easy customization and optimization, so your budget will go way farther.

Are you looking for an ecommerce-ready solution?

If you are ready to start selling cannabis-related products or services online, our DIY WordPress website templates are a no-brainer! We have done the heavy lifting for you — every template includes WooCommerce pre-installed and seamlessly integrated.

Yes, you can do it yourself.

But it’s really nice to have backup.

We believe websites should be easy to use and accessible to everyone — and we designed our templates based on that core belief. But everyone gets couch-locked from time to time, seriously. CannaSite templates are backed by our expert support team.