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The best in sungrown go high-to-high

We are absolutely giddy about sponsoring The Washington Sungrowers Industry Association’s first annual SunCup in Seattle, Washington. Sustainable farmers and processors from around the state are competing for the title of best sungrown cannabis and concentrates in the Northeast.

The SunCup is the brainchild of WSIA Founder Jeremy Moberg. Moberg is a champion of sungrown cannabis and is on a mission to promote sustainable grow methods and the high quality of sungrown cannabis. He owns CannaSol Farms, one of Washington’s most beloved sungrown brands located in the heart of the Okanogan. CannaSol Farms focuses on light deprivation and organic inputs to grow top shelf cannabis.

The 2018 SunCup is attempting to educate cannabis consumers by highlighting companies that invest in methods that protect Washington’s environment and natural resources. The event is set for April 21 in honor of Earth Day on 4/22 and the day after good ol’ 4/20.

The 23 SunCup competitors will be judged by local budtenders with an appreciation for sungrown products. The event will host Dr. Ethan Russo, a scientist and researcher of cannabinoid and terpene effects.

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