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Individuality takes time. But not that much time.

Launch a Custom WordPress Website in less than

one month

because your business — and your clients — can’t afford to wait for greatness!

Custom eight-page cannabis website + advanced functionality + initial search engine optimization= launched in one month — or less!

Hire us to design a modern website as unique as your brand. Custom websites are perfect for membership programs, online courses and large websites migrating from an outdated platform (you know who you are, and we got you).



are one-of-a-kind

You are one-of-a-kind and your website should be too

If you want a very specific look and feel — even if you don’t exactly know what that is — and even the best template won’t do, go custom or go home. If you want a website tailor-made for your business, go custom or go home. If your list of website wants includes feature-rich pages beyond the standard webpage, go custom or go home. Today’s digital consumers are savvy and they know custom when they see it. Let’s show ‘em what you got.

Your business is more established and you’re ready to play with OGs

You’re not a new kid on the block anymore, and it’s high-time your website reflected that. Maybe your business is rebranding and you’re ready to elevate your online presence. If you want to play with the OGs, then it’s time to get serious — and have fun doing it! Our One-Month Launch Method is fun and smooth experience for you and your team, and we deliver blazing weed websites every.single.time.

You need advanced features or have data to migrate

All of our websites include the basics like contact forms, social media feeds, site analytics and initial search engine optimization. If you require more advanced features not easily added by a plugin or said plugin needs advanced customization (like membership sites!), then your best bet is a custom CannaSite. Likewise, if you have a bunch of content and data on an existing site that needs to be moved, then a custom CannaSite is a no-brainer.

Your decision isn’t clouded by budget

No one wants to overpay, but your decision is based on other important factors like experience, needs and functionality. Do you value individuality and automation? Are you looking to solve a bigger problem? Do you want a website that actually works for you? Our custom cannabis websites are not only loaded with features, you also get a ‘loaded bowl’ of marketing goodies to help you announce the launch of your new website!

Custom CannaSites start at $10k+


\ One-Month Launch Method

The secret to launching a custom website in less than one month is our smokin’ fast and efficient process! We design, build, optimize and launch custom cannabis websites in less than 30 days!

\ 8 Custom Pages

You’ve got targeted topics, and we’ve got you covered with eight full-feature, mobile-friendly custom pages. Add more if you need more — no problem.

\ Strategy Call

We start custom projects with an in-depth strategy call to learn your business, story, values, challenges and goals. We’ll strategize your site structure and develop a launch plan.

\ Stock Curation

We source photos and videos that reflect your story and brand and connect with your target audience. Quality photography and engaging videos are the key to a custom look and feel.

\ Site Migration

Do you have an existing website with content worth keeping? We’ll migrate your pages, blogs, products and ecommerce settings from your old website to your shiny new website.

\ Client Portal

We use an intuitive platform to collaborate with our clients, and we provide step-by-step guidance and easy questionnaires to make the process actually enjoyable!

\ Basic Optimization

Don’t launch your dream website and then wait to be discovered. Every website is initially optimized and submitted to the major search engines.

\ One-on-One Training

We will teach you how to use and manage your website during a one-on-one training sesh, so you feel empowered to make changes on your own as your business flourishes.

\ Email Support

Even with training and easy drag-and-drop design, everyone gets stuck from time to time. If you have a question or hit a wall, send an email to our support team.

\ WordPress BONUSES

We’ve created a library of step-by-step training videos to help you confidently update and manage your website — but only if that’s your thing. (If not, ask about white-glove options.)

\ Custom Email Template

Get a custom email template to announce your new website to your best buds. Your email list is your most valuable asset — if you don’t have one yet, we’ll help you get started!

\ Advanced Functionality Options

If you need your website to do more, ask about our add-on services. We offer things like full ecommerce setups, affiliate programs, quizzes, membership, lead magnets and more.


Take your business higher.

Fill out our inquiry form, schedule a Discovery Call with our team and let’s launch your website!

Let’s light up your ideas and grow your business together!

We create custom website and marketing experiences for businesses that are ready to take their brand to new heights. Are you ready?