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cannabis loyalty program, dispensary rewards program, retain cannabis customers, consumer loyalty

5 Ways to Retain Cannabis Customers and Ignite Loyalty

It’s a fire day for a cannabis business when new customers make a purchase, pay an invoice or sign a contract. After all that shimmying around red tape and jumping the…
christmas gifts for stoners, stoner girls, women who love weed gift guide, weed gift ideas, cannabis holiday gift guide, cannabis gift guide

2022 Cannabis Gift Guide for Stoner Girls + Women Who Love Weed

We seriously can’t get enough gift guides. They are fun and quick to read (OK, scan *wink*), we love learning about other companies and products, and maybe most of all…
cannabis promotions, cannabis marketing ideas, dispensary promotions, creative cannabis promotions, best marketing strategies for ecommerce

Prepare Your Holiday Cannabis Promotions Now

It’s never too early to start preparing for the holiday season. After all, the end of the year is notoriously exciting (read: busy) for all of us. Whether we’re observ…
graphic designer

3 Lead Magnet Ideas for Cannabis Businesses

Every for-profit cannabis business has a similar (and obvious) goal — to sell its products or services. But with this “simple goal” comes the challenge of cutting thro…
cannabis-friendly web hosting | web hosting for cannabis websites | managed web hosting services | cannabis web hosting

How Hands-Free Hosting Hits All the Highs

If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur, you likely had an epiphany one day that pulled you away from the corporate grind in another industry and compelled you into the worl…
marijuana content marketing | cannabis dispensary content marketing | content marketing for startups | digital content marketing strategy | why storytelling is important in business

Marijuana Content Marketing is More than Blog Posts

Think about some of your favorite brands. Now consider why they’re your favorite. Is it the feeling that you belong to the culture of that brand? Is it a sense of shar…
SEO agency | SEO strategies for small business | small business SEO strategies

Level Up Your Canna Website’s SEO Game

You’ve built a great cannabis business and you’ve created a dank website, now you can sit back and wait for the crowds of cannabis enthusiasts to rush to your website …
happy 420 day | 420 celebrations | 420 celebration | what to do for 420 | stoner new year | ways to celebrate 420

50 Elevated Ways to Commemorate 420 in 2022

Happy 420 Day! 4/20 is days away, and we are stoked to celebrate our favorite herb with you! Every year, 420 celebrations take place around the world to commemorate ou…
experiential marketing | marketing tactics | drive online traffic

Creative Ways to Encourage In-Person Customers to Visit Your Website

We don’t need to remind you that the circumstances of the last two years have changed the way humans commune, work and live. But here we are, back out there, shopping …

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