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Launch a Website in 5 Days & Get High Doing What You Love

Building a new website is a big undertaking for any business, but especially for cannabis businesses with additional regulations to navigate. All too often we hear stories of astronomically high price-tags and excessively long periods of waiting to see something…anything. By the time your new cannabis website is ready to launch, it’s bunk and outdated, not to mention you’ve already wasted several months and several (thousand) dollars.

Or what if your expectations aren’t being met, or worse — you’re ghosted sans final product?! Now you’ve got a costly headache, added stress distracting you from running your business and a major buzzkill. The investment of time and money in a digital product is more than a big commitment — it’s a risk. We totally get it. 

What if there was another method that could not only save these valuable resources but deliver a strategically branded, aesthetically pleasing and effective cannabis website design that gets you high — all within one week? You may wonder, where’s the catch?

But the secret is: when you have an expert team of marketers and web developers, a streamlined and proven process, and a collaborative model that makes the success of your website a joint effort and responsibility, all it takes is one week. How do we do it?

We get to the heart of your brand story and business goals to design and launch beautiful, functional, modern and branded websites in one week with our 5-Day Launch Method.

A new website typically marks growth in your business or the spark of a new idea, and that should be exciting and even fun! We have built more than 200 CannaSites and have heard twice as many horror stories, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. So let’s talk details! There are five essential components that make our five-day cannabis website design possible.

1. We ask burning questions in a brand strategy call.

Strategy is everything. It’s the difference between aiming at a target blindfolded or with a sighted scope. In this one-hour strategy session, we:

  • ask key questions to understand your brand
  • explore your website goals
  • brainstorm a customer journey that will generate results

2. We use a robust yet simple client portal to communicate and collaborate.

You can’t build a house without a fully packed toolbox. Similarly, we wouldn’t create an optimized website without the help of our client portal “toolbox”. This client portal allows us to automate portions of our process to keep projects floating on. Not only does the client portal simplify the process, it also allows for collaboration that is critical to the success of your project

3. We’ve designed a Website Blueprint to collect vital information upfront.

Some web design projects get derailed because of mismanaged timelines, and sometimes clients aren’t as ready to roll as they thought. We remove the likelihood of both instances with our Website Blueprint. Our Website Blueprint is a guide to help our clients collect all pertinent information upfront and before the project’s Design Week. This step requires some time and energy from our clients but for good reason — no one knows your brand better than you! When it’s complete, we have the architectural and design plans we need to build a lit new website tailored to your brand’s character and goals.

4. During the Design Week, our clients are available and communicative.

Design Week is finally here, we are all stoked and ready to start your website design. Because our cannabis website design method happens in one business week, we rely on fast and efficient communication with the appointed stakeholders. We provide the initial draft of the home page by the second day of the week and require same-day feedback to inform us of style or layout changes, and we apply those learnings to the rest of the website design. Daily check-ins enable us to work in tandem, creating the site our clients have envisioned.

5. We puff puff pass!

At the end of our lightning-fast 5-Day Launch Method, it’s our pleasure to present (drumroll) your fully-functional and live website on the hosting platform of your choice! There is no obligation to host with us and no monthly maintenance fees. We don’t believe in over-complicating the website or holding it hostage. We provide website training resources so our clients can manage their website moving forward as easy as inhale, exhale. But we’re always here if you need us! 

If you’re looking for a hands-free approach, click to learn more about our optional full-service website hosting that includes software updates, security monitoring, basic maintenance and proactive strategy consultations for on-site promotions.

The secret to our unimaginably fast process is in the preparation. We get to the heart of your brand story and business goals to design and launch beautiful, functional, modern and branded websites within five business days. We do this with the help of tools that work, clients that appreciate a fast and efficient process, and our team of website and marketing experts. CannaSites make brands look legit. Join our club of happy clients who are buzzing over their new and improved digital presence. What are you waiting for?! Let’s roll.

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