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How to Create a 420 Marketing Campaign that Resonates

Each year, cannabis enthusiasts around the globe celebrate their love for the world’s most controversial, legal, illegal, medicinal, yet recreational plant — by lighting up together on one glorious day, 4/20. If you have a B2B or B2C cannabis business (ancillary or plant-touching), it’s the perfect opportunity to organize your 420 marketing ideas to build cohesive and effective 420 marketing campaigns.

It’s not every day your target audience is captivated and searching for products all on the same day. In fact last year was the single biggest cannabis sales day ever recorded. April 20 is less than two months away, but there is still time to plan your 420 promotions! Not sure where to start? Not to worry! We’re back with another CannaSite three-joint strategy — how to create and execute your 420 internet marketing campaign!

1. The Best 420 Marketing Ideas Start with Strategy

The first thing to consider when building your 420 promotions is your why. What are the goals of your 420 marketing campaigns?

  • To increase foot traffic (and sales) in your dispensary? 
  • To increase traffic (and sales) on your website?
  • To sign up prospects for an online demo?
  • To book more client calls?
  • To build your email list? 
  • To increase loyalty platform sign-ups?
  • To grow your followers on social?
  • To increase your customer reviews? 

If you’re green to the 420 marketing game, you might start simple with one goal. If this isn’t your first tea party, you might get higher with two or three goals. These goals will determine which promotions, tactics, vehicles and triggers you’ll incorporate in your 420 marketing campaigns. Targeting more than one goal creates more potential for your 420 promotions to catch your customers’ attention if they don’t act on your primary goal. 

For example, if you have a dispensary — let’s call it The Dispensary — but also sell ancillary products online, your top goal may be to bring foot traffic into your store to increase sales. Your secondary goals may be to encourage new reward memberships and to increase email sign-ups. More on that in a hot minute.

2. What incentive are you offering as a tactic to achieve your goal?

Now that you’re focused on your goals, determine the promotion and vehicle type. Think about your best 420 marketing ideas or do some googling, then jot them all down in a “brain dump.” Popular promotion options include:

  • offering a percentage discount off total purchase
  • BOGO offers
  • gift with purchase
  • entrance into a contest or giveaway
  • deals on specific products or brands
  • rewards points for specific actions

To continue our example, The Dispensary is looking to increase foot traffic (sales), bolster their reward membership participation and grow their email list. Perhaps they should consider a “refer-a-bud” strategy with fire discounts and bonus rewards points. 

The incentive to shop in store: Bring a bud with you on 4/20! You each get:

  • % off your purchase (go higher with double points on the 4/20 purchase)
  • # bonus reward points (valued at $) for loyalty enrollment
  • chance to spin the weed wheel for free merch or future discount

The incentive to shop online: Don’t have an available bud or time to visit the store? Shop online and get:

  • % off your online pre-order/purchase
  • # bonus reward points (valued at $) for loyalty enrollment
  • % discount on future online order/purchase with newsletter signup

The promotion covers all of our goals by incentivizing a visit and purchase, signing up for rewards, and includes an extra bonus for signing up for the newsletter. We took it a step further by maximizing the incentives if they bring a friend. PRO TIP: Don’t forget to check local regulations before launching your promotion!

3. Now cross-promote and integrate!

A promotion only works if your audience sees it. An omnichannel marketing plan integrates your promotion across multiple channels and understands the customer’s journey. Your 420 promotions should be the first thing customers see in the weeks leading up to 4/20 whenever they visit your website, social channels and your brick-and-mortar. This is where your 420 internet marketing game needs to be strong. Enlist help if you can!

Incentives/sales to support your 420 marketing campaigns can be promoted in several ways:

  • website pop-up or pop-out
  • home page hero/above the fold
  • blog post with event details
  • email blast(s)
  • coupon exclusive to the newsletter
  • dedicated landing page linked from social media or an online ad 
  • influencer-promoted content
  • collaborating with another brand
  • a Youtube video or Pinterest post
  • social assets for a post, story, reel, IGTV, and more

Then, post post post! Your announcement should show up wherever your customers hang out. If you’ve partnered with another brand or influencer, coordinate assets/links/posts for both brands to share. Tapping into other social account followings is extremely beneficial when the brands are aligned.

You’ve got the plan, now it’s time to get to work! Executing a 420 internet marketing strategy is essential to grow your business, but it may not be your favorite ritual. After all, you’ve got a whole business to run. If you need a bud to help out, contact us.

Digital marketing and strategy is our jam💯, and our approach is simple and fun! We’ll help you set real goals and determine the most effective methods to reach them. We’ve got packages that range from “just getting started” to “scaling our success”. If you’re ready, let’s roll

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