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Building a new website is a big undertaking for any business. The investment of time and money in a digital product is more than a big commitment — it’s a risk. We’ve perfected an efficient, lightning-fast strategy that utilizes your business goals and our expertise to deliver a strategically branded and effective website — all within one week. There’s no catch.

The secret to this potent process? When you have:

  • an expert team of marketers and web developers
  • years of cannabis industry experience
  • a streamlined and proven process
  • a robust client portal
  • a collaborative model that makes the success of your website a joint effort…

All it takes is one week. Welcome to our 5-Day Launch Method.

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To DIY or not to DIY?! Take the Quiz!

Which website package is best for your brand?
Which statement best describes you?
I like to do things myself - even if I have to learn new skills
I like a good DIY, but prefer to start from an existing framework
If I see something I like I can envision how I’d utilize it myself, but prefer someone else to execute on my behalf
I have big ideas that may require building something from scratch with a team



What kind of project do you envision?
I know what I want and I have some design chops. Just get it set up for me and I’ll take it from there.
I just need to get up and running. Quick and efficient.
I want something professional and well-done, but don’t have the need for complex integrations
I need something special that goes above and beyond. I can spend more time on the build to highlight my brand’s personality and achieve complex functionality.



What kind of budget do you have?
I’m on a shoestring
I have a small budget and it needs to get me far
I’ve saved up to take the next leap with my business
I’ve allocated funds to get all the bells and whistles my business requires



Do you have content for your site?
Yes, I have been working on my content and I'm ready to go
Yes, I have an existing website and want to use the existing content on my new website
No, but I am ready to get started writing
No, I dread the idea of pulling it all together



Do you have photos and videos?
Yep! I have all my visual assets ready
Yes, I have images on my site that I’d like to utilize on my new site
No, but I can curate some
No, I need help to curate photos and videos for my site



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  • Coral Cove Wellness

    —Adam Abodeely
    “The team at Cannasite turned our vision into reality!!! From the very beginning, the process was seamless and they executed perfectly! Their creation of copy, website development, attention to detail, and timely turnaround times were superior to other companies we have worked with in the past. They took the appropriate steps to understand us and our customers and they always went the extra step. I highly recommend Cannasite and look forward to continuing to work with them for numerous of our brand assets as our brand grows.”
  • Aries Art NW

    —Mindie Gum-Grivell
    “I can’t say enough amazing things about the Cannasite team and the website they created for me!! Building brand aesthetics is part of my creative offerings yet I couldn’t manage to hone the vision for my own brand — Cannasite did it PERFECTLY! I am so proud of my website! Their continued support as I work to learn all the ins & outs and what my community needs is the cherry on the top! THANK YOU!!!!!”
  • WSIA SunCup

    —Preston Peck
    “The CannaSiteCo. team went above and beyond the call of duty to help make our event website phenomenal! Caron is extremely communicative and strives to deliver the best quality product through attention to detail and remaining cognizant of her client’s needs. I would highly recommend her for any business or nonprofit that seeks to maximize its impact and online presence!”
  • —Jason Doss
  • —Kyra Reed
    The ladies at CannaSite have been one of my secret weapons in building my company. They are reliable, talented and excellent at what they do. It’s one area of my company that I don’t worry about. If there is an issue I know the ladies will be on it quickly and get it fixed. They have an eye for great design and simplicity. I can’t recommend them enough.
  • —Michael Johnson
    Cannasiteco is absolutely fantastic to work with! We appreciate their support and their expertise in designing our website (www.tahoeharvest We would highly recommend them; as it’s always a pleasure working together.
  • —Benjamin Fox
    The CannaSite team has done an excellent job. They created a great website. They did an excellent job communicating with me, and continue to do so. I highly recommend them.
  • —Jill Grower
    Cannasite recently built 2 websites for me. They are quick, efficient, professional and patient. My websites look fantastic, they were done quickly without a lot of input from me. I have worked with others in the past, this was absolutely the best experience. I highly recommend this team. Thank you Cannasite
  • —Eric Saat
    CannasiteCo is the real deal. I wish we new about them 3 years ago, we could have saved so much time and money. This is the first company I have come across that has been responsive to our requests and gets things done in a timely fashion. We are very pleased with the work that has been done for and we look forward to the next leg of our journey together.

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