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2022 Cannabis Gift Guide for Stoner Girls + Women Who Love Weed

We seriously can’t get enough gift guides. They are fun and quick to read (OK, scan *wink*), we love learning about other companies and products, and maybe most of all, we love giving gifts and making the ones we love smile! What’s even better than a holiday gift guide? Drumroll… a cannabis gift guide! With new states entering the market every year, there are so many cool and innovative cannabis brands that we can hardly keep up! Enter the CannaSiteCo. annual cannabis gift guide full of Christmas gifts for stoners and weed gift ideas. This year we’re calling it the 2022 Cannabis Gift Guide for Stoner Girls + Women Who Love Weed, and we have outlined some of the latest and greatest cannabis accessories for the sophisticated smokers on your gift-buying list. Let’s go!

2022 Cannabis Gift Guide for Stoner Girls + Women Who Love Weed

  1. Flower Rolling Papers by Edie Parker // Novelty rolling papers make great stocking stuffers or small gifts. These high-quality rolling papers are made by Edie Parker, a fashion designer who added cannabis accessories design to her repertoire. Her products are funky, stylish and colorful, positioning them perfectly for your favorite stoner girl fashionista or anyone who loves an opportunity for a cute social post.
  2. Small Iridescent Beaker Bong // If you have a friend or family member who is exploring different consumption methods or just needs a new piece, we recommend glass water bongs. It’s a fast, effective and pleasant smoking experience. This iridescent beaker bong has a classic shape, which means it’s easy to clean (a must!), and it is small and unintimidating. Not to mention, it has a pretty iridescent sheen and looks super cute on a smoking station or in as part of a collection. Since this piece is in the $50 range, it’s a good gift and the perfect entry into the world of glass.
  3. Eco Junior Personal Air Filter by Smokebuddy // There are some solid reasons why the Smokebuddy appears on our cannabis holiday gift guide. With this compact, easy-to-use, personal air filtration device, smokers can avoid complaints from neighbors, roommates and landlords who don’t enjoy the smell of cannabis. It’s discrete and pocket-sized, so it will fit in a drawer or in a small bag. But for us, it was this study on second-hand bong smoke (yuk!) that made the Smokebuddy essential. Simply exhale smoke into the device and clean air magically comes out, good for up to 150 smoke seshes. It’s also available in a junior size — check out this eco green Smokebuddy made from plant-based plastic for climate-conscious babes or this chic white.
  4. Medium CVault by FreshStor // Every list of weed gift ideas should include a proper storage container, and we have a clear favorite! The CVault by FreshStor extends the shelf-life of your flower by controlling the humidity in the container (*chuckles at flashbacks of a damp cotton swab in a film container). The medium CVault is perfect for women who love weed and like to buy in bulk, because it holds up to 28 grams of flower and keeps it fresh longer. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel, so it’s sustainable and free from contaminants, and it protects your trichomes with a specially-designed humidity pack holder for your Bovedas. Did we mention it’s extremely easy to use? Just pop some flower into the container and close. We also love the CVault “twist” for gals who are always on the go. (Also great for reviving dry buds!)
  5. LAX-JFK Weed Travel Kit by MISSWEED // The holiday season is prime time for traveling, and having a set of essential cannabis accessories comes in handy when you’re on the move — especially when all of the pieces are small enough to store in a compact bag. This Weed Travel Kit by MISSWEED contains all the basics needed to enjoy cannabis in a fashionable format. Jetsetters will love this six-piece set that includes a vegan-leather carry-all clutch, a gold seashell grinder, a three-piece compact to make rolling easy, a joint holder, a thin lighter and a set of pre-rolled cones.
  6. Hapsy Daily Drop & Soothe Stick // Speaking of travel, a long day of travel especially with family can be high-stress and totally unfavorable for smoking. That’s when we turn to our favorite CBD products. The Hapsy Daily Drop is super convenient to take throughout the day as needed, and the Soothe Stick is great for long flights. Both are small enough to stow in a purse or carry-on and super easy to dose. Bonus! All Hapsy products are on sale through the end of the year and they have their own holiday gift guide and bundles for everyone on your list!
  7. Innergreen CBD Hand Sanitizer // The more we learn about cannabis compounds, the more we learn that THC and CBD are not the only two that matter. We love this CBD + CBG Hand Sanitizer from Innergreen. Seems like hand sanitizer is an everyday necessity in our post-pandemic world, so why not use one that isn’t sticky, has a pleasant aroma and has the added benefits of CBD and CBG?! Throw a bottle in your bag or carry-on, and keep one in the car. Innergreen CBD is sourced from non-GMO, US-grown industrial hemp sourced from farms with natural and compliant grow processes. Also check out the CBD Essential Collection by Innergreen for anyone who is curious about CBD.
  8. Poppy Ashtray + Glass Joint Holder by Elevate Jane // The Poppy Set includes a glass joint holder and an ashtray that is perfectly sized for side tables, nightstands and smaller rolling trays. While this ashtray appears tiny, it’s sturdy and designed to avoid spilling over. Available in pink or a minty green color, this is a much needed household accessory for any weed-loving lady.
  9. Stash and Rolling Trays // If you’re planning to create your own gift bag or basket of weed accessories for a family member or friend, consider a cute tray. For a sophisticated look, these wood trays by West Elm provide a surface to roll joints and to store accessories like pipes, papers, containers and grinders, and the handles are nice for moving from room to room. For the more artsy gal, this Starry Night rolling tray adds the perfect inspiration vibe to any smoke sesh.
  10. Non-Toxic Candles // Candles always make good gifts, but they’re especially thoughtful for the cannabis enthusiasts in your life. Candles can be used to mask the smell of cannabis or to create a relaxing atmosphere. Imagine popping a CBD edible or rolling a joint and getting into a hot bath with a flickering candle beside you that smells divine. Candles by Otherland are made with vegan coconut and soy wax with organic cotton wicks. They’re luxurious and smell fantastic, and we’re partial to their slogan — Get lit responsibly with Otherland. We also really love the non-toxic candles by Primally Pure. (If you’re looking for something faster to eliminate the smell of cannabis, check out this non-toxic spray.)

Stoner Girls + Women Who Love Weed Gift Guide

We’re only weeks out from the holidays, and us “stoners” have been known to procrastinate. Get ahead of the game and start shopping now for the ultimate Christmas gifts for stoner girls and the women who love weed in your social circles. We hope you found some hot weed gift ideas whether you’re buying for your mom, wife, sister, aunt, girlfriend, coworker or gal pal. Happy shopping! Don’t forget to treat yourself!

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